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Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs


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Organic & Natural Bath Bombs 

Handmade Bubble Bath Bomb Gift Set, Rich in Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Fizzy Spa to Moisturize Dry Skin, Perfect Gift idea!!

100% Natural, Non-Toxic & Non-Staining

Our products are 100% natural, organic without harsh chemicals, additives or artificial colors. After use, your skin or bathtub is easy to clean and won't be stained.

How to Use Bath Bombs

1.Fill bathtub with warm water.

2.Unpack one bath bomb.

3.Drop bath bomb into water and enjoy fizzy bubbles.

4.Soak and enjoy.

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2.5oz Bath 🛀 Bombs

Bath bombs contain the finest ingredients including baking soda, citric acid, sea salt, Epsom salt, Shea butter, organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E cosmetic grade fragrance and essential oils(rose,geranium,lemon,mint ,lavender), botanical extracts, natural pigment and colorant.

There are 10 types of bath bombs - The essential oil of each aroma might the same, but the essence is not the same

Fresh Dynasty - rich in mint essential oil

Sunset Light ☀️- rich in rose essential oil

House Club - rich in geranium essential oil

Rainforest 🌧 - rich in lemon essential oil

Sweet Lemon 🍋- rich in lemon essential oil

Lovely Cupid 💘 - rich in lemon essential oil

Morning Rose 🌹 - rich in rose essential oil

Ocean 🌊 Pearl - rich in mint essential oil

Dream 😴 Me - rich in lavender essential oil

Good Night 💤 - rich in lavender essential oil


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